Last update: July 17, 2017

The City of Montreal (“MONTREAL” or “we”) has adopted this privacy policy (the “Policy”) because we know how important data quality, confidentiality and security are to users of the mobile application CORTÈGE.

By accessing and using CORTÈGE, you (on your own behalf or on behalf of a child whose parent or legal guardian you are) agree to this Policy. More specifically, by accessing and using CORTÈGE, you expressly agree to the information that you provide (or the information of a child whose parent or legal guardian you are) being collected and used for the purposes hereinafter mentioned, in addition to other purposes to which you have expressly agreed. This Policy is an integral part of the CORTÈGE Terms of Use.

CORTÈGE is a free interactive mobile application that allows you to discover predetermined Montreal locations within the geographical limits of the Promenade Fleuve-Montagne route through a unique visual and sound experience. More specifically, CORTÈGE is a digital work of art commissioned by the Public Art Bureau of the City of Montreal from the PROJET EVA artist collective.

This Policy describes our practices with regard to collection and use of information through the CORTÈGE mobile application, including its features, any integrated message service, updates and upgrades made available from time to time, as well as corrections and improvements that may replace or complete the CORTÈGE mobile application and which are distributed under the same licence (collectively “CORTÈGE” or the “App”).

This Policy may be updated or modified, if needed. When applicable, these modifications will be effective immediately and will be incorporated to this Policy upon notice thereof, which may be posted, without limitation, on the App’s homepage or at the beginning of the updated Policy. Your continued use of CORTÈGE following such notice will be deemed to constitute an acceptance of the updated Policy.


Collection. We collect personal information that you disclose when creating a user account (“User Account”), such as your last name, first name, civic address, email address, telephone number or any other personal information that you may disclose, as well as information that we otherwise collect automatically while you use CORTÈGE, including, without limitation, through cookies and other tracking technology, such as your IP address and geolocation, device type and identifier, your history and general user preferences.

We can also receive or gather other information about you from third parties or other sources and add them to your other information. This information includes, without limitation, demographic and statistical data, navigation data and additional coordinates.

Use. We may use the collected information for the following purposes, to which you consent:

  • To give you access to CORTÈGE and customize and improve your experience on it;
  • To show you or propose features or content that match your user profile and experience history, including side quests that could be of interest to you;
  • To send you communications that you agreed to receive, including notifications regarding your use of the App, such as communications (including, without limitation, by text message or email) regarding the time and place of an in-progress or upcoming side quest that could be of interest to you;
  • To send you packages that you agreed to receive to your civic address that you provided and at which you are authorized to receive packages;
  • To contact you and ask you questions about our services or answer your comments, questions or requests;
  • To carry out or have a third party carry out analysis on user data, statistics and internal management;
  • To prevent, detect and study potentially prohibited or illegal activities, fraud or breaches and ensure compliance to our terms of use; and
  • For the other purposes described in this Policy.

In addition to the foregoing, but subject to your express authorization, we may use your information to analyse your habits and use of CORTÈGE to contribute to research carried out at UQÀM on game players; however, in the latter case, your data will be anonymized.

Logs and Cookies. We also collect some information through log files, cookies and other technology that stores information on your browser or device, for example your IP (Internet Protocol) address, your operating system and other technical information on devices, data and log-in statistics, as well as your coordinates.

Such technological tools are used to ensure that CORTÈGE works properly and improve it, as well as to manage access of authorized devices. They are also used for management and statistical purposes. For example, with these tools, we can recognize you and give you a better service when you return to CORTÈGE, activate certain features and use your history to determine your progression in CORTÈGE and ensure continuity within the proposed experience.

You may block, delete or deactivate these technological tools if your device offers the option. You can manage your cookies and preferences regarding cookies directly in your device’s or browser’s settings. However, if you disable cookies and other similar technological tools, CORTÈGE features, services, tools or applications may no longer be available.

Geolocation. CORTÈGE is an experience based on geographical coordinates. We collect and store information regarding your location when you play and go on missions in CORTÈGE, through a location system integrated to your device (using triangulation, Wi-Fi and GPS services).

Storage. Personal information is stored only for the length of time needed to achieve the purposes for which it was collected or for the duration prescribed by law.

Disclosure. To provide the application and all of its features, we may disclose your personal information to our service suppliers or entities that are affiliated to our group. In such cases, your personal information remains under our control. Otherwise, if we must give access to your personal information or content that you transmitted through the App, it is only done (a) when we have obtained your express consent; or (b) when we are under a legal obligation, including if we consider, in good faith, that such disclosure is necessary to prevent an imminent injury or report a presumed illegal activity.

No information is gathered for marketing or advertising purposes. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for business purposes without your express authorization.

When using the App, including during a side quest, only your geographical position (geolocation) is shared with other users, not your identity.

Our Communication with You. Except in cases where we can send you letters and/or packages as part of a specific side quest, when we communicate with you, we may do so, as the case may be, by email, just-in-time notifications or by text message (SMS).

Personal Data Security and Protection. The personal data that we collect is stored in a secured environment. We undertake to maintain a secure online environment by integrating technological tools complying with industry security standards. Persons working for us are under obligation to preserve your information’s confidentiality. However, there is no mechanism that offers perfect security and there is always a risk when using the Internet to transmit personal information or content.

Storage. MONTREAL (or its third party licensors) contracts with third party providers for the storage of all information collected, including personal information. Your personal information is kept and stored on our behalf in the state of New Jersey (USA). All data is stored on servers with advanced encryption, protected against misuse and access from unauthorized individuals. Despite the foregoing, data may transit through other territories and CORTÈGE has no control over this aspect of data transmission.

Hyperlinks and third parties. CORTÈGE may include links to other sites, platforms or resources on the Internet. By clicking on such links, you leave CORTÈGE. By using a third-party mobile application or website, for example, you agree that the information that you send through these third-party applications, websites or platforms is subject to said third parties’ privacy policies. Please be aware that we do not control third-party applications, websites or platforms and the fact that they are listed on CORTÈGE does not incur our liability.

Misuse and Unsolicited Communications. We do not tolerate any misuse of CORTÈGE. If you notice someone misusing CORTÈGE (spam or email scams), please let us know.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction. This Policy is solely governed by the laws of the province of Quebec and the federal laws applicable therein. Any dispute, recourse or claim arising from or in relation with this Policy or use of CORTÈGE or its content shall be settled through good faith negotiations between the parties. If such negotiations were unsuccessful, such dispute, recourse or claim must be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in the judicial district of Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada.

Access, Refusal and Withdrawal Rights. : We undertake to recognize an access and correction right to concerned individuals who wish to consult, modify or even delete information about them. We also undertake to offer you a refusal or withdrawal right on your personal information. During a request to this effect, we take the necessary measures to modify or delete your information within a reasonable time period. Please note, however, that some information may remain in copies archived or backed up for our files or when otherwise required by law.

To exercise these rights, you must send us a written request by email at:

or by mail at:

Cortège, Bureau d'art public, Service de la culture, Ville de Montréal,
801 Brennan St., 5th Floor
Montreal, Quebec  H3C 0G4.