What is Cortège?

Cortège is a work of art produced by the Projet EVA collective and is part of the City of Montreal’s public art collection.

Cortège seems to have several features usually associated with video games on mobile devices. Is it truly a work of art?

Yes. Cortège borrows some of the mechanisms and strategies specific to these types of cultural products but it alters and transposes them into another context in order to provide an experience that will likely be quite different from what you might have experienced before.

I often associate public art with sculptural works whose materials imply a certain longevity. What about Cortège?

Cortège will actually have a shorter life than a sculpture made of stone or metal. Cortège is intended to have a total service life of five years and for three of those years, it will receive active technical support.

What does active technical support entail?

You will be able to reach a technical support team at support@cortege.ca. If you encounter technical problems, have questions or wish to share your comments with us, you can send us an email at this address. We will try to get back to you within a reasonable amount of time (a few business days). We rely on your participation in order to improve the experience.

Furthermore, during the three years, we will release updates to the app in order to adapt as much as possible to the technological changes brought on by smartphone manufacturers.

Where can I get Cortège?

Cortège is available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store. Simply search for “Cortège” and you will find the application. We recommend that you download the app using a wireless Internet connection, as the app is larger than 100MB. We also recommend that you start the app for the first time using a wireless connection in order to get the updates of the media content.

On what devices does Cortège work?

Cortège works on the following smartphones:

  • Android 4.4.2 and higher
  • iOS 8 and higher

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use Cortège?

Yes, it’s essential. Once you have downloaded the app and updated the media content, we suggest that you close your Wi-Fi and use the data of your mobile phone provider. To experience the work, you will need to have a minimum 3G connection. As all of the work’s content is downloaded in advance, you will exchange very little data with our servers.

Free wireless networks are available downtown. Can I use these to experience Cortège?

We don’t recommend it. The coverage offered by wireless networks within the Promenade Fleuve-Montagne is incomplete, which can cause problems and interrupt your experience. A few of these networks also block some of the ports that the application uses to communicate with our servers, which will cause major disruptions.

Are there specific settings that I should enable on my smartphone?

Yes. You must make sure that your Location Services is activated on your phone before launching the application. You must also allow Cortège to share your location, as a large part of the app’s functioning depends on it being able to process this information.

When I try to lock my phone, Cortège seems to stop working. Is this normal?

Yes. You must keep the app running in the foreground in order to experience Cortège. Keeping the app in the background will not close it, but you will lose contact with the work’s soundscape.

Will I be tracked by Cortège?

Yes! The participants’ progress in the experience will be displayed in an anonymous manner on the website cortege.ca/en. Please note that we will not disclose any of your personal information to third parties.



The icon situated in the upper left corner of your phone screen allows you to access to the menu. Once there, you will find the following elements:

  • The name of the mission you must complete and the glyphs that represent it.
  • A map that will help you locate yourself on the path. The shaded stroke on the map represents the path of Promenade Fleuve Montagne. (If you stroll away from the path, you might fail an ongoing mission. When in doubt, check the map. We know, you will do it regularly.)
  • A calendar where you can enter your availability to help Cortège create groups of participants.
  • A settings tab that allows you to select the application's language and to toggle between the exploration and mission modes.
  • An "About" section containing a FAQ, the privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions of Cortège.

To leave the menu, you have to click on the mission's name at the top of the screen.

To end a mission at any time, click on "Abort Mission" located in the lower left corner of the menu screen.